Lessons learnt from MOM Shows: Functional Safety for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) is A TOP Area of Concern

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Get 100% Safety Case Compliance
Prevent Catastrophic Accidents
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It Is Difficult To Navigate This Whole Audit Process And To Ensure Full Compliance If You Do Not Have A Reliable And Experienced Team Behind You.

We will work with you through the whole process, and use intelligent safety controllers and cyber-secure software, to ensure you emerge top-notch, competitive, secure, and Safety Case compliant. Since 2017, it has been MANDATORY for all MHIs to adhere to workplace safety guidelines or face stiff penalties.

Are YOU Putting your Company at Risk? Reputation? Revenue? Growth? Safety?

The Safety Case is the proof of safety leadership and excellence. It is difficult to navigate the Audit Process and reach Full Compliance, unless you have a friendly expert on your side.

HIMA is the world’s leading safety and technology vendor. We guarantee to work with you closely and get you from zero to hero for all Safety Case implementations.

9 Benefits of working with HIMA, 100+ Years of German Safety Excellence!

Safety is our business for 100+ years!

German company with track record, technologies & R&D

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Immediate Risk Reduction

Improve Profits

Speedy Safety Compliance

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Our Iron Clad Promise To You

With More Than 100 Years of Ground Breaking Contribution To Safety Around The World, We Can Assure YouThat You Will Benefit From This Free Consultation So That You Can Accomplish And Fulfill The Criteria And Guidelines Set Forth by The MOM. Safety Should Not Just Be A Term But A Way Of Life And We Show You How You Can Do It With Technology And With Our Domain Knowledge.

These Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Working With Us

Get Your Free Action Plan

Our Free Consultation at your convenience will help you discover critical elements which our consultants will unravel.

Compliance Is Critical

MOM Is Strict on MHIs being compliant and there are huge penalties if found guilty.

Reduce Risk Immediately

Ensure your company reduces risk and manages risk well with good safety measures in place.

Achieve A Peace Of Mind

Achieve a Peace of mind knowing you have a solid program and system safeguarding your installations, premise and solutions.

Improve Profits

With lesser business disruption, your business can operate seamlessly hence ensuring better profitability and success.

One Stop Solution

We are perhaps the only one who can help you from start to finish by giving you a holistic approach to safety from consultation right up to implementation and support.

Get Guidelines Now!

Get This Exclusive Free Guidelines For Safety Case Compliance Now.

• Why The Need For Safety Case • Technical Aspects • 4 Critical Criteria

FREE Consultation & Action Plan for you!

Get Your exclusive, one-time Free Consultation And Your Action Plan From HIMA, the Global Experts in Safety.

Our expert safety consultant will share with you:

              •  MHI Guidelines
              •  Access your company’s safety protocol and processes
              • Advise you with best practices, case studies, available workable solutions

We are here to help you succeed as a top-notch Safety Case compliant company! Don’t wait!

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